Who we are

We are Plethora Trading LLC, shrimp producer and importer from Milwaukee, WI. Proudly, we are part of a family-owned business with 20 years of experience in research and development of shrimp larvae and shrimp farming.

What we do

As a shrimp importer and distributor, targeting wholesale in US, Plethora Trading has a B2B strategy primarily focused on restaurants and grocery stores.

Our Brand

Our brand, Pacific Lush is committed with high quality and sustainable practices to deliver only the best shrimp to our customers. Raised responsibly by expert hands in Mazatlán, Mexico, we take care about every step of the process to ensure full traceability from our farm to your table. 

The unique flavor of Pacific Lush shrimp comes from our clean practices, free of chemicals and phosphates, we guarantee that no antibiotics are used throughout the process. Our shrimp is a healthy source of protein and easy to cook, with Pacific Lush your cooking possibilities are endless!